Getting ready to get done

I am doing my homework for my People Who Do course on Monday. I am taking along one of my managers but the poor guy has had the worst week ever. Started off with a VAT inspection on Monday and just got worse. He started work at 6am today to try to get the VAT return finished before he goes away for his birthday present weekend away present form his partner. Worse he is coming back early on Sunday to finish the VAT return finished so we can get into work at 6am on Monday to send of the return and make the payment, and then trek off to Brighton for a 9am start. Either we really need this course (and I really am expecting it to help) or I just don't have enough senior staff because we are always rushed off our feet.

So anyway I have started my homework. I collected up all of the un-filed paper from my desk, removed about half of it as it was confidential and I don't want to be sacked, and bundled it into my lap top wheelie bag. I also have to collect up paperwork from around the house but luckily that is thinner on the ground as I sorted out my filing system and caught up on the actual filing about four weeks ago. Most of the stuff around at the moment is Jamal's college homework and Fahed registers and reports. I am innocent!

Next collect up organisers, diaries, note books by the bucketful. There are a few as I tend to have one per project.

I also have to walk around the house room by room recording unfinished stuff, stuff that bothers me etc. Then other stuff, hobbies and so on. My list will be long.

I am starting to see how much there is and why my brain is aching. And i forgot to print my to do list, bugger.

So next week I have a one day course in Brighton on Monday, working away in Windsor on Tuesday, Two day training course in Reading on Wednesday & Thursday, Management team in Windsor on Friday. Stressed? Moi? Oh, yes indeed.

Oh, oh, I forgot to mention one very good thing, I had a letter from the council today saying that the agreed my appeal relating to my parking fine. Action over apathy made my day.


  1. So that means you don't have to pay the fine? If so, that is wonderful!

  2. Yep, they didnt exactly say I was an idiot who should pay more attention but it was something like that. Bless them!

  3. Excellent news about the fine Lizzie!

    Sft x

  4. excited to be meeting you and helping you sort out your stuff!! great news about the fine. action rocks!! hope poor david isn't too tired to function on monday. there will be coffee and biscuits to help him through!!

  5. Thank you SFT

    I will keep him topped up with caffeine, Moyra.


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