Last night we went to a birthday party. I didnt especially want to go because I was proper tired and not feeling so good after my flu jab. Actually had a lovely time, possibly not unconnected with being given copious amounts of wine. And on the way home searched high and low for an open Chinese takeaway. Yep, we weakened but it was yum. I had the leftovers for brekkie though to redeem myself slightly. My lovely husband even missed his favourite events of the month, poker night, for me. Bless. He was teasing me during the evening that it was definitely his turn to win this month and so I was missing out on my present.

Jamal and I were up bright and painfully early to get our grocery shopping done. We had a massive box of veg delivered on Friday so didn't need any extra veg from the shop. Consequently we were feeling we had forgotten something and weren't sure what. Shopping came in £62 but we probably have around £7 in vouchers for next week using the ASDA price challenge.

The rest of my day is all house worky. I never run out of cleaning, sorting, tidying or cooking. Lunch/Dinner, which we have around 4pm, will be a steak sandwich each. There was steak in the reduced section this morning so I thought that a treat was in order. It isnt much more than the price of a cheese sandwich but I tihnk that might say more about increasing cheese prices than the steaks.

Got to get going with my housework to warm up a bit. It is December on Thursday and so far no heating on in the house. I just keep throwing fluffy blankets on top of people. Everyone is wearing thermal underwear too if they are to be believed!