Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Weekly Updates Wednesday

I find that having to do things because I have said on here that I will helps me to keep structure and focus. So another new regular thing I intend to do is a regular update for myself, not just money as life is obviously so much more than money, but all areas.

Something that made me laugh and cry. Last night my husband, who wasn;t feeling too well as some of his meds don't agree with him, said 'i just want you to know where the money if I die'. What? Well I wasn't expecting you to die anytime soon but how much money are we talking? Vision of £20k available to me for my renovation project danced before my eyes. So he followed up with 'well, there isn't any yet but I just thought I would tell you where I will put it, when there is'. What a let down. bearing in mind that we keep our money in the bank rather than under the mattress if we have any, and that he only get pocket money, fuel money and a little money for bargain food spotting I am guessing it will be some years before I open a teapot or breadbin and find the imaginary £20k. Bless.

Weekly updates
Health: Fahed is going to ask his GP if he can come off his sciatica meds. He feels they are making him unwell. Jamal is going to work with him on an exercise program to build up his lower back muscles instead.

Money: Net worth is varying quick a bit from week to week as exchange rates vary but nothing too drastic. Massive property tax bills are expecting on the Greek house but I suspect nothing like as much as we already pay for property tax in the UK.

Home: Looking for a new gas man to move the cooker. Painting of hall, stairs and landing is progressing (and looking pretty cool actually).

Fahed not feeling so good but addressing the potential problem by replacing meds with exercise.
Jamal is doing pretty good at college & should be re-allying to merchant Navy in May 2012. Seems to have settled into his JuJitsu class and taking first grading shortly. Driving is well improved and we will buy him his theory test as one of his Christmas presents.
Ahdel is spending every penny he earns on a super computer for his studies. As well as working full time as a delivery driver (and hence not needing to go to the gym) and studying part time he is also going to the swim school this week to see if he can work for them for two days a week on their IT issues, admin, website, registers and reports etc.

Me: I have started my new manager at work and am finding stress levels dropping hugely as I don’t have to keep on top of two jobs. I didn’t realise I was stressed until I started not to be. Even the solid and painful muscles in my neck are starting to understand times are changing.
Interesting (to me) stuff: I am interested to see that both kids, who were definitely never going to uni and couldn’t see the point, are now on the road (or in Jamal’s case at least route planning) for their degrees and hopefully without the risk of massive student debt hanging over them for years to come. Ahdel pays his fees monthly from his wages ( he will have to give up work to attend full time for a short period in about two years time) and Jamal’s plan for entry into the merchant navy includes 3 years of sponsorship whereby he is at uni locally when not at sea. Apparently they are not as daft as first thought!

Thats it. New categories to be added as I think of them.

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