No Spend January

I am joining My Half Dozen Daily's challenge to replenish the coffers in January and make it a no spend month.

These are her rules
My Rules:

1. Track purchases! Write down every single penny we spend! Check
2. Continue with my “sealed pot challenge”. Any coins smaller than $1.00 go into my pot! I have a sealed glass bottle and a spare which will be added to
3. Menu plan & shop from a list! This will probably be the best single way we’ll be able to stick to the budget!Check
4. Find free & cheap activities to have fun! Check, I will do my best
5. Focus on simplicity, organizing, & donating/tossing. Before my January challenge starts I’ll be posting a list of projects I’d like to accomplish during the month. I'll give it a go as January is very good for that sort of thing.
6. Medicines/medical care doesn’t count. If something comes up & we need meds, I’m buying them. Love the NHS & prescription Service
7. No “pre-stocking-up”. I won’t spend $800 on groceries the week before my challenge starts in order to “get by”. It’s business as usual this month. Well 'as usual' for Christmas, there will be a few treats.
8. Ahdel's birthday is the 23rd so we will have a special meal that night and he will have a gift but we dont go mad on Birthdays anyway so no problem.

I am not exactly looking forward to it now but I know that by 1st of January I will be. Nice to a have a positive follow up to Christmas.


  1. Thanks for joining, Lizzie! :) We have one birthday in January and I admit to already buying his gift from our December budget. I think there will always be "small things" that pop up during the month, you just have to do your best is all! :) Good luck & thanks for joining!

  2. Ps - I'm adding you to my blog list.. :)

  3. These are all great ideas, which will save you money AND help others at the same time. I'm going to try some of them myself.

  4. Thank you, both!
    Forgot to mention our wedding anniversary too but my husband doesn't even know when that is so I am sure it will be very frugal!

  5. Glad to see you joining the challenge Lizzie - January always seems like the easiest month to not spend - we shall see! Good luck L(

  6. Hi Laura
    Yep, if i can do it at all then January should be the time. Good luck.


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