Net worth - why do I even look?

I had such a lovely Christmas & New year that I thought I was probably ready for the misery of checking our net worth.

UK Property value is about the same, according to Zoopla.

The property in Crete I have valued based on what similar properties are selling for and at the moment nothing is selling. I have reduced the value from 250k to 180k as I think we could get that if desperate.
The land and old house I value based on offers we have had. Offers have obviously dried up as the people of Greece already have enough to worry about. I have halved their value to a total of £63k.
These calculations also take into account the rise of sterling against the Euro. Currently 1.19.

I am assuming that the land in Syria has lost no further value, having already lost about 60% of value. We are pretty sure of realizing the amount that we have it valued at this year.

My pension value remains the same after my most recent statement. Fahed's pension, whilst much smaller, is actually worth more than we previously documented. That's our little ray on sunlight in an otherwise fairly depressing review. Pension are valued at £429k against a previous valuation of £394k.

We haven't had an up to date mortgage statement recently so I have left the balances as before. I prefer tot ake the bad news as soon as possible and have the good news as a later surprise.

We are £161k down Just as well its not real money, right? Oh, wait!


  1. Sorry to hear that, but I'm sure they will all come back at some point. Is this a good time to pick up a property in Greece?


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