No/Low Spend & 366 Update

Well having no access to my bank account is working wonders for my no/low spend. Sadly Fahed has to fly off to a family funeral tomorrow so lucky for us he thinks the bank is not somewhere to keep money & had a nice stash of actual cash to pay for flight etc. He has proved me wrong in my assertion that his money is safest in the bank.

Back to work today and a meeting with the auditors followed by an all day meeting. Great! But actually not as bad as I was expecting and all of last week calamities have not come to pass. It is going to be a busy couple of months though.

My de-cluttering is accelerating away all on its own. I have a big box in between the kitchen and conservatory and every time I pass I add in more items. Most of them have been around for so long that they have actually become virtually invisible to me. I remember when I used to need to tidy up ahead of receiving visitors. These days there is very little left to tidy up, although sweeping under the bird cage is definitely a daily chore. You would not believe how much mess that little tyke can make.

Tomorrow the day starts with a 6am drive to the airport. Fahed will be away for 10 days. That means ten days of not getting paid as well as the cost of flight and being away. The gentleman that passed away was Fahed's brother in law. He was a super old chap. He visited London early this year on business and we had a good time getting to know him. I am glad he had chance to visit us before we lost him.