Sunday, 19 February 2012

Busy, busy, busy

All the better to avoid worrying about the other house. My friend is so concerned that as well as emailing me on Friday night, she called on Saturday morning. As well as being fined for the house, anyone who cant pay the fine will have their house knocked down. Ouch. We have already employed a German guy who lives locally to look at what permissions our builder actually had. A couple of small snags there. Not least the problems in the Eurozone with Greece being bailed out financially. A German guy has been put in charge of Greece, effectively. This growing resentment has reminded locals how little time has passed since the war. Lets just say that employing a German guy to get anything done at the moment was not the best idea. I need a Greek guy and preferably one with contacts. Hopefully we hear something tomorrow.

My dad, chilling on the balcony of 'the house'.

So our busyness? Fahed spent the day fixing the boiler. The original fixing was not very fixed. Now its all good but we had to go out in the middle of the day to get a new part (seemed to have the same name but does look different). Bonnie and I took the opportunity to have a proper good clean and a sort out in the sitting room. It is lovely and bright and shiny now. We finally finished at 8pm (had to have a break whilst Fahed went to work for a couple of hours and Ahdel kindly cooked for us all). Fahed & I also started a book of what needs doing in each room. When your house is 104 years old there is always something that needs doing. This book should help us to keep on track. At the very least it kept me distracted today.

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