Wednesday, 7 March 2012

How about this?

This is not the logo for the course.I was sent it on Facebook and liked it.

How about five days in the spring or autumntime, in the very South of Europe where it enters the North African climatic region. During those five days you can learn who you are, learn to stay curious and open to possibilities, change so you can understand yourself and those around you, to realise your potential and live a fulfilled, joyful life. Spend time with others who are keen to explore themselves. Spend evenings sharing good food and local wine & talking about your day. Take the time to truly relax.

What do we think?


  1. Southern Europe is the bottom of Spain, right? Or maybe the bottom of Italy? I'm gonna have to consult a map. Oh are talking about Crete, yes?

  2. If all expenses are paid I'll be in - don't have to write a report tho' do I lol
    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  3. I was thinking I mention Crete way too often!

    oh yes, Cathy, there is always a erport.



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