Thursday, 15 March 2012

Managing Stress Levels

Poor Fahed tried a bit too hard to put his 'happy tablets' behind him. He dropped from 60ml a day to 40 ml a day no problem but this week we discovered that 30ml is a step too far at the moment. We are not giving up, just taking a step back, but I do miss his lovely sunny personality when he is feeling like this. It's just like he has been switched off, poor love.

The kids are both home tomorrow so they will do 'guy stuff' together, which is always good. When Jamal was born I went back to work because Fahed was quite ill for a few years and couldn't work, so the bond between my three boys is very strong. Anyways they are part way through designing and building a dagger! The metal bit is designed and made and next they are making a handle with a marquetry handle. My guess is we are talking Hogwarts/Lord of the Rings type weaponry here not the stabby stabby kind.

This week I had another training day. Somehow my organisation has gone staff development mad, but for me it is excellent. Everything knew thing that I learn leaves me wondering how I managed so many years not knowing things. I am moving my area of interest into mentoring and staff development. Strange move for a finance person but I think it is for me. And the things I learn help me to cope when poor Fahed is not coping at all. So maybe that all things happen for a reason stuff is not so wrong.


  1. I have to smile when you keep mentioning these training days - there could be some who think you are doing them to get out doing 'real work'
    I've been retired for nearly 10 years now (oh dear that makes me soundso old lol) maybe you could let us in on the 'new modern ways' of thinking.
    Good to hear your men are happy together - the mind boggles at the thought of the local police getting to hear about a weapons factory in your front room lol
    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  2. Ha ha, I am innocent Cathy, they are all mandatory. I used to resent being taken out of the office to do the training because work just waits for us to go back to it but since the caliber has improved I am a lot more interested.
    Purely decorative they tell me, like a movie prop. They want it to be beautiful.


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