Saturday, 24 March 2012

Who eats what!

Just chatting with Daizy about who eats what & when, we found ourselves pretty much equally unknowing!

Aha, so of to google I went.

Our traditional Christmas dinner is roast turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes, plenty of different veg and got include sprouts. We vary it up a bit by everyone choosing veg so my poor mum cooks roast parsnips, mushy peas, carrots, broccoli & whatever else we think of each year. Some friends of mine who are farm folk always have the roast beef of Old England for their meat. I am assuming this is just normal roast beef but maybe a big piece but that's what they always call it. We follow it up with Christmas Pudding, which we set fire to! Not just us, everyone does that. Because we come from Devon we serve a small slice with a dollop of clotted cream.

I googled around a bit and found that a traditional Irish Christmas dinner is about the same but with a ham as well. I found this website for some yum Irish dishes. In my head i was thinking of Irish stew (proper tasty) and soda bread (not together, although they can be). I still really fancy proper Corned Beef (not the tinned stuff you put in sandwiches over here)but I am already well aware of the taste of cabbage as we have it all through it's season. We do prefer sprouts though.

I found it really hard to find out whether the Welsh shared the same traditions and the English & Irish. The Welsh are justifiably famous for their fantastic lamb so in my head they would have the same as the rest of us but with a nice bit of lamb. But as lamb is around in spring then surely it can't also be around at Christmas? I found a lovely picture of Welsh cakes, which I really want to try.

The Scots seem to have the same traditional meal as us. But pudding might be Clouty Dumpling or Crannachan.

I am so wishing it was Christmas now. I can almost imagine those lovely roast spuds, that my mum cooks in goose fat at Christmas. Good news for me is that my sister and i have talked mum into doing us another Christmas dinner over Easter! Yaaaay!

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