Obsessive, Moi?

Oh yes. Spreadsheets have been much in use this week.

Everyone's mobile, apart from mine, is due for an upgrade. I will sell the old handsets but I don't have definite prices on them so instead I concentrate on getting the best deal for what we want. We pay monthly. Two of the guys are self employed and use their phones for business so they also feature in their tax returns.

They are allowed to choose their own handset as long as they are not too daft, then I take the total cost of the phone for the two years of the contract and work out the best deal.

Next on my list were flights.

We are going out to the house for around 3 weeks. If you Google flights to Crete then you get a ton of sites but really there are only a handful of tour operators so its not actually that difficult. I make a spreadsheet up of date date/cost combinations.

Easyjet, who are excellent and actually my preferred flight provider, come to a minimum of £915. Aegean airlines, also pretty good come in at £869. FlyThomasCook I wouldn't consider unless a lot cheaper as their previous customer service was pretty ropey and the planes are a very tight fit. They came in at £1211 so that's a no brainer. Meridianfly are coming in at £1200. The outgoing flight is £100 but somehow the return is £300. Wow. Actually on all of the fights there is a very reasonable flight o Greece but very expensive to come back. Maybe we should just stay out there. At the moment Monarch are in the lead with a total cost of £748. My spreadsheet obsession has potentially saved us in the region of £500.

I love spreadsheets xxx