Saturday, 26 May 2012

Saturday Stuff

I am going back to my list of things to do on a Saturday. I find I am far more likely to
get things done when I document them.

* All laundry, wash, dry and put away
* Sort out some 'business clothes' which I don't need anymore for a charity collection we have at work on Friday. I can't remember the name of it but it is to provide clothing for women trying to get back into the job market after fleeing domestic violence, leaving prison etc. I am sure I must have something.
* Quick bedroom tidy. It gets a little worn by the weekend as the downstairs rooms ahve effectively been out of action and we live in here!
* Update budget plan - ah, the magic spreadsheets.
*Load the car up with stuff for charity shop, two large boxes, a bag of bedding and another of clothes. I want them to be gone before I have chance to weaken and get anything back.
* Sort out everyone's clothes for next weeks wedding. I want to ensure that we are not about to leave and find that everyone was thinking to wear the same pair of shoes or whatever.The menfolk all tend to share their clothes around but this could be a draw back if we don;t co-ordinate properly. Do they need ties? It is the 21st century so surely not, especially in this heat.
* Photograph a load of stuff for ebay.
* Carry on with the kitchen sort out including filling at least one more box for charity.
* Pick up Jamal from sleepover in Winchester

Aside from loving the new look of my kitchen, which I will photograph once I have returned it to normal (tools, wood, bricks etc out - I can't even imagine what the bricks were for) the refurbishment has had a secondary effect. We have eaten loads less than normal. I am always really particular about cooking a proper meal from scratch every day (working mothers guilt?)but we are now eating less and happy with it, all of us. We started off with takeaways each day - I know its bad but I didn't even have a water supply at that time. Then we went on to instant food from the supermarkets such as pre cooked chicken and garlic bread. By the end of that period we were heartily fed up with eating at all. Today I will be back to cooking but I am keeping it small, light and healthy (and did I mention cheap - the spreadsheets have control).

Maybe this is what they mean by life begins at 50 (previously 40). It just means you get a handle on life.
These are not my stairs but the blog looks sad without photos and they are so beautiful.


  1. Hello Lizzie
    You must be exhausted after doing that lot - time for a holday I think lol
    Hope all is well with you extended family and they are not in harms way
    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  2. All good with us Cathy. Just tired, as you guessed!


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