oh well, you know.

Have you ever seen Dylan Moran doing stand up? He starts with a little quizzical ponder, about, well, you know, stuff. That's how I am feeling.

My lovely nieces wedding was great. The actual day went really well. The wedding itself was in a barn, reminded me a bit of the church at he end of Mama Mia, the film. It needed music, possibly rousing church style hymns that everyone knows the words and tune to, I suspect. Otherwise all good.

Photos by the manor house and the lake, with champagne and silver trays of yummy munchies being handed around.

Then a full sit down reception for around 80 people. Afterwards we broke for maybe an hour to relax. The oldies went home to collapse and a younger crowd arrived to join in.
For the first hour we had a lounge singer. And one who can really singer Then we had a guy who came on and sang Wonderwall (the happy couple met at an oasis gig). Then they handed over to a disco. Also there was a casino area where you could play roulette or cards with fake money & maybe win a bottle of not exactly champagne. There was also a photo booth where you had photos taken and for each photo there was a copy for the happy couple. You could take in boards giving you message such as 'about time too'. Was all great.

At a less fun end of the scale I gave Fahed an autism test. 32 is autistic. 15 is average person. Fahed got 29, which is apparently low level asbergers syndrome. Not a complete surprise if I am honest,more of a confirmation. I men how many people do you know that can speak three languages but has trouble spelling 'THE'. I started reading an article about a woman who was teaching kids with autism and it dawn on her that her husband was also autistic. I sort of feel better than he is not just weird (and anyway, some of his weird is good). Also already sussed about triggers and their avoidance and have my own management techniques. I think I have actually done pretty well all things considered. Imagine if we were all sufficiently self aware, and aware of others to identify these things in the early days.

Anyway,, tomorrow I am 50 years old! A half century. I think I can pretty much handle anything at that point!


  1. Happy Birthday Lizzie - don't forget it's only a number lol
    Lovely to see you the other day - yes I did have a bit of break but have decided to do a blog each day in June challenge this month. This past week has been great - it remains to be seen what I can find to talk about in the last week!
    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  2. Thanks Cathy. It was very nice to see you again. I always like the house & cat photos. makes me want to pop around for a coffee!


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