Pre Wedding Prep

Tomorrow is my nieces wedding. First wedding in my family since my own in 1989.
She has chosen a lovely venue near Winchester. My men are all wearing dark suits and coloured shirts. As they have dark complexions it does suit them more than white but I can't decide if they are going to look cute or like a boy band.Ahdel has dyed over his weird half blond hair colour and Jamal has shaved off his pink mohawk! I guess they really love their cousin to lose their edgier hair styles for a while. They took it very seriously and actually went around to get Jackie to say if it was okay or not. She was the boss when they were smaller. She is eight years older than Ahdel, and so ten years older than Jamal. These days she is the smallest but obviously she is still in charge. Anyway today I need to iron the shirts and press the suits, then we are ready. My brother in law is really sociable and fun so I am sure the wedding will be great.

Before all that Fahed & I are going to have a go at getting the sitting room almost back to normal. The plastering, filling, papering and painting of the walls is complete. Today Fahed is painting the picture rail. We will then sort out the surround sound. That only leaves a little sanding and varnishing or the wood work and a patch of the wood floor. They have made a brilliant job of it. I am really pleased. Kitchen is almost finished too. Just awaiting the arrival of some black mastik to finish off the sink. There will be another phase which include the door and window frames, & actual doors, to the adjoining room, but that can wait until after the summer. I need every penny at the moment for work on the other house.

Time for coffee and to make a list for the day.