De-spiderication day

They have to go. Somehow the place is being taken over by massive, fluffy spiders. So many that Ahdel is having trouble sleeping (not a big spider fan)as he is worried they will carry him away in the night. So today we are having a massive spring clean, downstairs only as we are somewhat pushed or time.

Ahdel is starting at his end of the house (his bedroom is downstairs) and I am starting at the other. Furniture is being pulled out and wildlife (and dirt) sent on its way. I am encouraging Ahdel to also de-clutter but the rest o down stairs has very little let in it.

Fahed is sort of joining in by continuing a sort out operation in his shed. We are also going to have a bonfire of garden rubbish, which we will use as a barbie when the fire eases down.

Hopefully it will be a fun day as well as productive. Amongst the junk I am on the look out for ebayable stuff for another part of my master plan.

Fahed has already go on to work or a few hours and Ahdel will be leaving shortly (Swimming teachers have odd timetables). Jamal and I will do the weekly shopping whilst they are out. And then it is on. Superspiders take note:time to look for a new home


  1. I'm with Ahdel on this one. Am terrified of spiders! Good luck!

  2. Well I do tease him a bit but I also help. My particular phobia is snakes (which shouldn't really be a phobia as it is sensible to be frightened of snakes)and if I thought there was one in the house or garden I would be sleeping in the car!


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