Hellooo (waves !!)

Hello. We are finally back from hols. Not quite my longest ever break but certainly close. And apparently, at the ripe old age of 50. I have discovered the perfect holiday for my (borderline asperbergers) husband. One where he works every day and we have to drag him kicking and screaming to the beach. He did thank us for making him take a single day off in the 23 days away but he was happy with working so I am happy.

We employed two adorable illegal immigrants to help at the house too. The going rate is 25 euro per day and you provide lunch. Apparently lunch can be a packet of biscuits. My (lower) middle class guilt meant lunch was bordering on a banquet as I tried to conjure up my idea of Pakistani cuisine. I made them so much meat that by the end of the time they were asking for just some rice. Oops. I was worse that I am with the kids giving them coke & fizzy drinks, mid afternoon ice creams and chocolate on the car ride back. Actually i have probably ruined their fitness in those few short weeks. Oh dear, more guilt. Anyway they were amazing. I would have brought them home with me if I knew how. They called me Mama always a way to my heart, and even picked up some English in that short time.

We all had a great time and the kids, who I am thinking take after their dad, fitted a load of outdoor lights for me, plus built some steps, did some tiling, painting and all sorts of other stuff. I can't believe that what makes my family enjoy their holidays most is to do the same as they do at home but somewhere else! We did manage plenty of swimming though & plenty of meals out. Best of all for me was plenty of sleep.

Before hols I was totally exhausted. Really coudn't be bothered to move type of exhausted. I felt the same ever since my allergic reaction, was it back in June? Anyway I finally start to feel a little more like me. And the house is a proper mess and i am up to my elbows in dirty washing so lucky for me I do have some energy!


  1. Ah, I wondered where you went! Welcome back

  2. Big Wave Back! Happy to hear about your great holiday and that you are feeling better Lizzie. Is that your neighbourhood goat?

  3. Hello all
    Yep, neighborhood goat. He has lots of friends who also visit!

  4. Sounds like a great vacation. Do you have much more work to do on the house before it is rentable?

  5. The actual house is finished. Or at least as finished as any house ever is. But outdoors is a landscaping nightmare especially the old house which is falling down right in front of our house. Too dangerous, I think, for other people to stay there really.


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