I know we have been complain in the UK of non stop rain for the last 12 months but I don't think any of us will be complaining that that's pretty much as bad as it gets here.

Our thoughts are with those poor people of the Atlantic Seaboard. Most photos today are of New York but its a massive area and so many people effected. I hope everyone was as prepared as they could be and get back to normal as best they can and as soon as they can.

It certainly explains all of those 'be prepared' blog posts that I always think are really OTT on US blogs. Turns out they were completely right and i have lived too much of a sheltered life to appreciate how deadly the weather can be.


  1. Have similar feeling sometimes at the 'stocking up and be prepared' - maybe I'm not strict enough about eating before use by dates and then replacing (turnaround so nothing is out of date). However when you realise how important it would be to have that stockpile in an emergency like this you see the rationale in it.

    Nice to see you the other day - thanks for commenting on the sampler. They are 'nice' but when you are young and broke the alternative (quilt - toaster- kettle) is often the better

    Take care

  2. Not having regular TV I have missed a lot of the storm coverage. It's hard to imagine it since we are having great weather here.

  3. Hi Cathy
    It was way more than nice, it was beautiful and they might need a toaster now but they will still be happy with their quilt in 50 years.

  4. I didn't see the news coverage on TV but the photos in the paper were pretty awful Apparently the high winds and rain we had last night were the tail ends of the storm. Unbelievable!


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