Friday Night

Friday night is party night. Not for us. Its 8.30 and we are tucked up in our sluggly warm bed. Delightful. The winter seems to have suddenly arrived so we are fighting the cold as best we can. We have fitted a door between the front room and the kitchen. Our house is usually completely open plan downstairs, which is how we would prefer it but needs must so now there is a door. I have picking up nice pine doors as they come up locally on ebay. In four days time there is a nice pine and etched glass one which would suit the sitting room to bottom of stairs. I might need to make a few snakes (draught excluders) for the bottoms. I am also looking out for double doors for the kitchen to conservatory (which is really another reception room and not a conservatory at all)and lastly I have some nice doors for Ahdel bedroom but need a bit more wood for that job. We will be open plan no more. We have to arrange it so that they can all be left open again in the summer though or it gets really claustrophobic.

I have a few plans for tomorrow. I am going to try to follow Froogs example and get a few meals in the freezer. Lasagne, make some lovely HM burgers (which I bulk out with porridge oats that he been through the blender - try it much better than you would think.) HM meatballs. Also pre prepare some chicken pieces and freeze them in a marinade. The family don't really like food that is frozen after it is cooked but there is plenty of prep which I can do and then freeze. No one seems to notice if the lasagne has been frozen though.

Before that some food shopping with my (20 year old) baby and collect the spare part for the dishwasher. Jamal is waiting for the results of his interview for a cadetship If he gets it then I barely see him for three years. I can't imagine him not being here & will miss him so much but he needs to go to get his career off the ground. I must learn to SKYPE.

Re-arrange the birds! (two have been in side by side cages for three weeks and can now go in together). As I don't like birds to be in small cages they take up a huge amount of room, which is why the two cockatiels will be sharing now. Once those two are in together they can all come back into the sitting room. All of the cages have been out on the conservatory but I don't like to not be able to hear them and have them hopping around the front room in the evenings. Ace got stuck behind a cupboard this week so he needs to be back in a smaller and safer room, bird brain.

Oh and I should also do a bit of cleaning. Anyone else have such an exciting weekend planned (my tongue was in my cheek then).