Sunday, 4 November 2012

Frugal Food Prep

Not quite up to Froogs standard but I have really been trying. I started off by cooking up a flavour base of all the celery some onoins and a bag of carrots with some olive oil. When it was cooked I scooped half of it out and added mushrooms, cabbage leaves and chicken stock. Further cooking and two tablespoons of single cream made that into enough cream of veg soup to last for two or three lunches.

To the rest of the veg is added a soup mix which is dried barley lentils and stuff. Also some chicken stock. Once it was all soft I blitzed with the stick blender and set aside. Next, in the same wok, i cooked two packets of minced beef. To this I added sliced mushrooms and the veggie slushy stuff. Then added boiling water and gravy powder to gravy it up a bit. |Two thirds of this went into a vast roasting pan to be the bottom of a cottage pie (which will last whole family two days). I added tomato passatta and a tin of kidney beans. I made a vast white sauce so all of this became a massive lasagna. It was a bit runny so I left some tomotoey beefy juice behind mixed it with the last of the white sauce and it tastes like Oxtail soup. That's tomorrows lunch.

My first session of this time and I don't think I did too badly. Practice is the key.

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