Whatever I want

I am feeling slightly more in control. I bought a second hand desktop, locally, using eBay, from a guy who appears to know his stuff but also looked like he could really do with the business. As one of my new years resolutions is going to be use the small guys and avoid the chains, I think I can feel pretty okay about this. Assuming this goes well I will ask him to work on Rupert and replace his hard drive. Rupert can be for internet etc and the desktop is 'work', my lovely spreadsheets and lists.

Last night was the Finance Christmas meal. We found a really good local restaurant that had a buffet option and the best life music ever. I know I am daft when I have had a drink but I just love my team to bits!

So today Fahed will be going back to bed or a few hours when he comes home from work so I can do what I want (like I don't anyway).

Grocery shopping
Vaccum, tidy, wipe around kitchen etc
Clean out the bird cages.
Make some mince pies & maybe a cake.
Make some dinner (nearly forgot that one!)
Buy a few gifts or the kids or Christmas. So far I have got them exactly nothing.


  1. I'm in the market for a desktop too. I've been relying on my netbook but now that I have a boy I think I need a computer that can handle more than just internet.

  2. Hopefully a desktop is less destructible too!


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