Sunday, 24 March 2013

Healthy on the sly

Since my youngest and i have been eating healthily I have made a few changes around here but sort of without telling anyone.

Husband has gone gluten free as I manage to identify some of his issues. He has never felt better so has now opted out of all cakes, biscuits, anything crumb or batter coated, all sponge type puddings (which was all of them except the ice cream on the winter menu of our local pub), So I now buy him a handful of packs of gluten free pitta each week & get a couple of packs of normal pitta for everyone else. No more sliced or even 'baked in store' type bread. Baked in store tastes amazing but sits like a concrete block my tummy.

We have been having daily smoothies for breakfast. A little oat bran, some Greek yogurt, some nice honey, a banana each and a handful of other fruit. Fills us up far better than toast ever did.

Oh, and last week i bought some low fat Greek yogurt and some full fat. He didn't notice the difference so this week it is all low fat :)

The only person still drinking fizzy drinks is my eldest son. He has about 6 tins left from the 12 tines whcih i bought him at Christmas. The two heavier drinkers just stopped dead and now have one only if we go out.

I re-ordered the fruit and veggy boxes which we had previously and fill up two massive bowls of fruit,, which are being used for grazing by everyone.

The old fella moved to decaff coffee after noon without noticing. He is sleeping much better and suddenly a big decaff fan. I changed him from sugar to sweeteners and now we are down to half the number of sweeteners.  I think we are on to non sweetened drinks by May.

We are eating about 100% more veggies, with veggie soups, stews or stir fries becoming the norm..

So far no complaints!


  1. :) i cant beleive how we feel when we fall of the wagon Nasty nasty

  2. My sister was just visiting and she had fun cooking us gluten free meals. She made pancakes and they were pretty good.


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