Return from holiday:New start

A break from work always gives me chance for a bit of a review but add to that some time spent at the Crete house and of course I am going for a ''start of the year' type review.

I am going to control our finances better: structure not frittering. I can do it but I need to be reminded every few months or I get all frittery again. We are spending less on food because of quantity cut back, not quality cut back, which is all good. Water is cheaper since we went to the meter. Gas and electric is cheaper in summer as we 'play out' instead.

I am aiming for some specific financial goals:-
saving for two trips to the Crete House annually or one plus another holiday.
replenishing an emergency fund
clearing the overdraft
Continuing to overpay the mortgage.
Maybe I am learning balance from the very smart and adventuress MW

I am aiming to try a few new hobbies. I want to make soap, posh soap. Lots of inspiration on Pinterest. I want to try a little bit of sewing, in the style of the lovely Carla. I end up always working or doing house work. This needs to come up my list.

Happy New Year :)


  1. Hello Lizzie
    Good to see you home - hope you enjoyed the break.
    Just for a laugh try making some of the soaps I featured a few days ago!

  2. The y are beautiful. I have have caught up on my blog reading now and saw them. Amazing..


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