We had a few sunny days and we thought it was summer.

We planned garden work, weekly barbecues and the making of garden decorations.

Hmmm, then the sun went away again

Fortunately I also had something indoors to keep me entertained.. I sort of signup for Flylady. Flylady light in fact, as ten emails a day will just irritate me. Mainly I read the site and the gist of it is once you clean u a bit then do a bit each day and keep it clean. The complete opposite of my leave it until you can leave it no longer and then scrub it until you can scrub no more. There way seems easier if you have a little discipline, which is pretty much where I always fail as I am not good with rules and the obeying of them, even when they are my rules. We shall see.

I would very much like some sunshine back for the weekend as I want to be drilling and playing with glass to make giant flowers!


  1. I need some garden art too. Preferably, something that puppies can't destroy. Metal flowers sound good.

  2. How about a big metal cat for them :)


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