Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Getting serious

I have made a plan (snowball spreadsheet stylee) to clear up the last of our debt. We borrowed some non mortgage debt to pay the last stage payment on the house in Crete, due to a few changes in exchange rate.  So to kick off the next stage in our financial evolution I am chopping up my credit cards. I have three but in about five minutes I will have none. Chop and go.


  1. we want photos!! and NONE that is serious. am just swapping to asda card for its cash back facilities

  2. That's hard core Lizzie! Don't have the guts for that myself.

    By the way, how is your family in Syria?

  3. Hello Lizzie
    Not sure I could manage to do that dastardly deed - ours are used as you would cash then paid at the end of the month. Very rarely for frivolous purchases.
    MW asked the same question I was going to ask - how are they coping?
    ps lovely to see you - I'll try and make the effort to come over to your place more often

  4. Well that is kind of weird, my reply disappeared. But what I said was something like :yes, it is kind of scary. i feel somewhat vulnerable! but also good.

    We couldn't reach the Syrian family members by phone for some weeks now. Hopefully it is the infrastructure because I can't bear to think it is anything else. Thank you for thinking of us.

    Hi Cathy, I never miss your postings but if i read on my phone then i don't have a clue how to comment, so i only get to chat when i have an actual computer :)


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