Shakespear and ice cream

Today was one of those that I am determined to have more often.

My lovely dad gave me a lift to the Isle of Wight ferry. By mid morning I was on the high (ish) seas. In my little back bag was the obligatory bottle of water (refilled), two ice packs, a lunch box full of slices of roast beef (reduced in asda and roasted by my own fair hands last night), a lunch box full of home made baby potato salad.

My friend picked me up form the boat and we shared a lovely lunch (more home made goodies, this time by her) on her back patio in the sunshine. The rhubarb crumble and custard nearly did for me, but somehow I stayed awake.

We packed a coffee flash and fruit scones (which some ended up being called Javascript and the I-scone 5's) and set off to see Stephen Fry in 12th Night at the local cinema. A few cinemas are showing this recording of a stage performance from The Globe in London.. We booked ahead and got a 10% discount.

I was blinking brilliant.. Three hours passed in a flash. I just wish it had been a live performance but nonetheless it was great (really, really must go to live performances more often). It was also pretty funny when Eve kicked over the metal flask and it disappeared down the auditorium under all of the seats. Bang,, crash, rattle. We had to wait until the end before we could climb down and get it. We get older but we don't get smarter!

Afterwards we stopped at the beach at Gurnard for a lovely ice cream. A super day and it didn't break the bank too much.  Eve even bought my boat tickets island side and mailed them to me so that we could take advantage of slightly lower prices.

Until next time!


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