Brilliant change to retirement plans

Fahed and I always always planned to be fairly nomadic in our retirement. Its the only choice you can really make when you come from two different places, you met in a third place & have loads of friends there. We did our best to plan ahead, overpaying on the mortgage to make sure this house is ours, the Crete house is there for us and we had land and an apartment in Syria.  Its possible the Syria land may one day have a value but pretty sure the flat is long gone. We planned our other months of the year to travel around other places. But as time has gone on Fahed's aspbergers has got worse and worse. He can travel but it gets worse as he gets older. For five days before the holiday and the first few days we are away. We are now to the extent that its not really worth going anywhere for less than 2 or 2.5 weeks. We had always planned to travel more after retirement but lately we have talked about me having to find another crazy old lady to travel with.

So my brilliant idea. Doh, so obvious. Why not just spend 2, 3 or six months in the chosen destination? So obvious now I have had the idea. I can still travel with another crazy old for short breaks but we can just up roots and move somewhere for a shortish time.

He also enjoys his time more if he has work to do. I have never seen him happier then when we go to the Crete house and he works until 4pm & then joins in the holiday stuff with the rest of us. I don't know what he does when the house is finished but i think he has enough to last him for some years anyway. Not sure how we are going to cope with this when we go elsewhere but one step at a time.


  1. Plans have to be flexible, you never know what life throws at you. Sounds like this new plan might just work!

  2. That is it, isn't it. Learn to be flexible. I have a whole bunch of ideas if we are fit, well and have enough cash but i have other ideas just in case we are not fit, well or sufficiently affluent

  3. Life certainly has a way of changing the best of plans. People who spend 6 months in Arizona and 6 months in the northern states or Canada are called snowbirds. What will we call someone who splits time between the UK and Crete?


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