Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Ramping up the frugal

My baby is off to university on Sunday. Its a big change and I cant say I am looking forward to it but he wont know it from looking at me, I shall stay all smiles. I am hoping we see him at Christmas but because of the nature of his course he has to go to sea for a lot of the time so we cant be sure when we see him. Thank goodness for mobiles and SKYPE.

To distract myself and because this month has been madly expensive already, I am using the opportunity of my baby not being here to ramp up the frugal. I do tend to spoil him and he can easily talk me into things (come on mum, everyone likes a surprise steak dinner) because I am a total softy with my babies.

So we are planning to super economize (through necessity) through September. Hopefully we can then get in some good habits to keep us on the straight and narrow up to Christmas, replenishing my sadly depleted savings and emergency funds,

To start myself off I have read through my favourite celebrity chefs pages with a note book. First I went to Froogs to learn how to squeeze a penny until it squeaks. Next i Plan to go through FM's recipes with the same enthusiasm..

My eldest son will eat pretty much anything as long as it is not convenience food (bless him. My fault for spoiling him by always cooking apparently). So the old chap and I will go through the ideas in my notebooks, check out the larder, fridge and freezer, see what is growing in the garden (cooking apples!) and come up with a months worth of options. We wont start until baby has gone as I don't want to make him feel like we are chasing him out of the door but we will be prepared by Sunday.

So maybe it is Super Economy September!

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