Food Waste Friday

I had stopped participating in food waste Friday lately. I have to be honest and say i think that I am getting the hang of 'food management' and since I am now 51 it really was about time.

However I am back to joining in to ensure I really stick with it.  We have this new thing where we are trying very hard to pay the mortgage off early so food waste (any waste) just became even more important. And this week i sadly did waste something, so time to 'fess up. When i was finding all of the various bags of frozen fruit to make the jam I almost added two bags of something  which looked like mushed up blackberries. I noticed just in time that it was a couple of ounces of red cabbage prepared in the German style. It wasn't much but it went it the recycling. I should have been more creative and am disappointed in myself.

I avoided bread waste by keeping sliced bread, pitta and wraps in the freezer and taking out only as it is used. My son does take out the whole packet of wraps because I believe they stick together but the packet stays in the fridge so still no waste. There was a rather hard and stale wrap/tortilla left earlier in the week. I fried a little cooking bacon & some sliced onion. Removed this from the pan and put my tortilla in the pan. Added back my bacony onion and some grated cheese. Folded the tortilla over and dry friend it on both sides. Yum.

I used up all of the miscellaneous fruit in my freezer to make 9 pots of jam. And despite how random that sounds it does taste really nice.

On one day I made our staple mid week soup/stew of minced beef, onions and potatoes with a nice gravy. I normally add sliced green cabbage but we had a half of a red cabbage in the fridge, so in it went. I wont lie, it wasn't as good. It lacked taste and was tougher than a juicy green one. Plus it made the stew go a random bluey/purple colour but it was still good and we didn't miss out on the vitamins.

I hid a half tin of chickpeas in a bowl of soup that my husband had for lunch. (just the chickpeas, not the tin!)

My husband has finally started to eat his potatoes complete with their skins as the boys and I do when he isnt about. I have agreed he can have peeled potatoes for the chips (fries) which he makes  on birthdays but otherwise chips, mashed or baked potatoes are all with skin. We don't lose so many vitamins and the extra fibre is good for him too.

4/5, must try harder.


  1. Welcome back to FWF. I find when I have stopped participating, that I get a lot more lax about trying to have no food waste so I keep going. You had a lot of nice saves this week. Good luck next week.

  2. Yes, that is what has happened to me, exactly. Thank you for helping!!

  3. Blue-purple stew. You've invented something new! Hey, that rhymes.


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