Gardening for non gardeners

Every year I say this is going to be the year when I get a harvest from our garden.

This year I managed:

A tree full of cooking apples - because they grow without help from me and it doesn't matter if I forget them.
Load of cherries - stolen by the birds because I didn't net them in time. Last year we had 5kg
Lots of currants, black and red - again the birds got there first.
Chilies - with all my efforts I think i got five in total
Herbs - I did much better with the woody herbs but the parsley wasn't so good.

So next year I am putting it in the diary to net the cherry tree and currant bushes.
And this winter I am going to plant garlic. I have done it before and we got a really good crop so no idea why I stopped again (forgetful - if I was one of the seven dwarves I would be Dopey)

And here is an unrelated picture of a Gloxinia, just because!