Sunday, 15 December 2013

Random thoughts........

Days are rushing by. 10 days until Christmas.

My lovely niece is in labour so I think I end the day a Great Aunty. First baby in our family for 21 years and first girl for 32 years. Wow.

Fahed is still poorly and actually had to take a week off work (ha, who needs money!) because the medication makes him sleepy and we don't want any drowned little children.

In a few days my lovely youngest son will be home from uni.

So now it is 10 days until Christmas. I have all of my presents sorted but not wrapped. Maybe the kids get a little more. Fahed & I don't bother with presents for each other. We have been married 25 years next month so not much else we need now.

Tonight (maybe) the decoration start to go up. Already I have the cookie jars and dishes out and piled up with oranges. I will need to replenish them before Christmas but fruit is good.

There is a peace plan meeting planned for January for Syria.

Life is generally good.


  1. I'm almost done with my shopping too. I did all of my cards tonight and will mail them tomorrow. It feels good to be (almost) done.

    1st baby for 21 years! That is amazing! I hope everything went well with the baby. Best wishes for Syria and peace too. So much pain and unhappiness there, peace is long overdue.

  2. life is, indeed. generally good! yay!!


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