Friday, 21 February 2014

Day off, yahay!

Last night I slept really well. I am almost through the worst bit of year at work (love my job but  these two months are stressy) and my brain knows it and understands that we can sleep again. I cant believe how well I feel.

So today I am using up 7.5 of my flexi hours before they disappear. I need to do some serious cleaning, the place is a mess. A quick today and it looks okay but I know it really needs more.

Also we take my sons car to the garage for MOT and tune up. We are trying to make it more fuel friendly or else its time with us is up.

There is talk that there will be DIY done but I am not convinced.

I have two bags and two boxes for a charity drop.

All of the laundry and all other normal weekly tasks to be completed too.

If this works out then I have the weekend to play in the garden, rain allowing, and start to sort it out a bit.

So yaay for extra days's off

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