And bang, its Saturday again

This week passed in even more of a flasssssh than normal. Ordinary Monday, Management Team meeting Tuesday with a mid afternoon drive up to the industry conference. Out on Tuesday night, conference went on for about 15 hours on Wednesday. Then again Thursday. Home Thursday night and day off (but half asleep) on Friday. And then Bam, it is Saturday again. I tell myself that it is moving this quick because I am happy and enjoying myself. And I am happy and enjoying myself.

The house didnt look too bad when I got back. Apparently they were too busy building a guitar, in between work, to make much mess or to even feed themselves. So they look skinny but happy. The guitar is looking pretty good and is awaiting final coat of paint.

I have been selling on ebay this week. The speakers from our old surround sound went for £10, the break machine is finishing today. Someone made an offer for the pan but I prefer that the machine goes and is used.

Oh and I have had a good clean up, the laundry is about half done, dinner is partly completed, I have done my shopping. In fact I ordered my shopping last night from ASDA. It is fine except some weird substitutions, pork mince instead of lamb mince?? really? Also a half dozen items were missing. Sigh. Lady on helpdesk was so nice though so I cant be cross. She is crediting my account with the difference plus an extra £6 for inconvenience. Shopping, after deductions but excluding credit was £61. However I do now have enough bread to last for some weeks as it was on special offer. Bread drawer of freezer is very full indeed.

Another couple of hours and Fahed will be home. After lunch/dinner we plan to drop of a few things at the recycling centre and/or get him to try on some of his clothes from when he was fatter. Hopefully I can sew them a bit smaller. 

All is good and I feel pleasantly satisfied with my non exciting day.


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  2. The spam comments sure are active. I seen to be getting a couple a day now. Anyway, glad you are enjoying your weeks. Work is so much easier when you enjoy it.

  3. Its mad. Who looks at a spam comments and thinks 'oh yes, i really need to buy that/one of those'
    Not working is still my preferred option!


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