Dont overlook returns when you are being frugal

Easy to assume, when you have purchased something in error, that its not possible to send it back or it would be too expensive.

  • About three weeks ago I bought a lovely top for £12. Too tight across the boobs. Tomorrow morning morning I am getting my money back (as soon as I can find the actual top, oops)
  • This week I had a text book arrive from Amazon. I was very unimpressed with it. Returned at a cost of £2.35. £17.50 back in the bank
  • I bought a replacement heater tank to fix our shower. Now the electrician says the shower is a write off. I have checked ebay and it can be returned, so I have emailed the seller. I have to get my £74.90 back.
  • And, result from my point of view, as I was typing this I remembered another Amazon book which i recently purchased was a huge disappointment. I have no completed the online return form. I have practiced what I am preaching! £13.50 back form that.

Buy something which hasn't lived up to expectations? Send it back!


  1. Wow, that's a lot when you add it all up.

  2. It is. Once upon a time I would never have bothered but these days....


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