I am having a moment!

I am bored. You know how it is.

I am pretty much frugal on auto these days so I don't have to documents everything to keep an eye on myself. Plus there is nothing much which is new to write and I get bored when nothing is new. Also I have re-discovered fun! Oh, and obviously I have re-discovered the enjoyment of having little fluffy quadrupeds about the place.

So I am having a change and branching off a bit.

This is a blog about a fairly frugal and fairly simple life. And travel (almost certainly frugal) and visiting places (so travel, but less far), and animals. And anything else I can think of. Maybe my home, my creations, my renovations, my stuff.

That's it. Lizzie's World is all about Lizzie's stuff.

I will go do some stuff now and write about it :)


  1. Kitties will shake things up! Just wait until they help you with your decorating.


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