Sunday, 7 September 2014

2015 too soon for plans?

We haven't had our summer holiday yet. Two more weeks to go in fact. Also we know by know its not really a holiday, we just like to work in a different culture sometimes. So already the nights are getting darker and their is a bite of cold in the air. Its all making me think of Christmas and then of New Year.

I am not (yet) on a full scale 'in 2015 I will....' just having a few thoughts.

Ensure we get the fruit crop in our garden from the cherry tree. This means cutting back so that we can net it properly. Nothing worse than a net that lets the birds in but not out again. Poor little things. We are in a contest but I am not playing unfairly.

Pick the apples ( I always do - the birds dont like them)

Keep an eye on the huge yellow plum tree which is outside of our garden but no-one picks the fruit. We had some this year but not enough.

Gather blackberries and sloes for cooking and/or drinks making

Plums from dad's tree

Home made wines and ciders, jams and marmalade. And cheese!

Still avoiding the gathering of wild mushrooms as I am a scaredy cat.

What else??


  1. Yum! Lots of fruit picking in your future :) You can make a ton of Christmas gifts in your kitchen this year :)

  2. Yes, home made Christmas gifts, excellent idea!


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