Thursday, 4 September 2014

Food disaster

My lovely husband is from Syria. brought up mostly in Lebanon, lived in Cyrus for a while and a few years in Greece before we came here. He is also an amazing cook. All agreed he should be able to make the best falafel ever. Sadly it became apapernt tonight that this is not the case.

In his defense apparently you don't make these at home, its strictly street food.

So because he is too adorable to waste the mixture he just ate a bowl of friend chickpea bits and salad for his dinner. Bless him.

We are checking recipes for a better second attempt/ And no waste just no pleasure in dinner

It should have been more like this:

Edited to add then when we do get this right I will post recipe as the old fella has a good hand with spices so I am expecting magical falafel

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  1. I never even knew what it looked like. Definitely must try it next time I see it on a menu.


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