Sunday, 19 October 2014

I am back form the land of no internet!

Well it has internet but at the house we have decided to remain totally free from 21st century intrusions. No landline, no TV/satellite system and no internet.Some wifi at restaurants but seemed a bit antisocial to use it!

No being able to access the news was great though. Life is a lot less depressing when you dont know how mad the world has become.

We brought back 40 kilo of luggage (maximum amount allowed) but of the more unconventional type. Bags of veg from my neighbours. We are in agricultural land. Olive oil, prepared olives (three types) raki. Some many things and all from their land. We had to eat the joint of goat and the the sheeps cheese when we were there but the other gifts came back with us.

Tomorrow we will be pickling peppers, bottling olives and so forth. Lovely

I have 192 blog posts to read, and I only subscribe to about 10 blogs. All good!

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  1. Edible presents are the best. They don't take up space and there is no guilt for not keeping it forever.


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