Saturday night - update

Only two more weeks before my Christmas gift to myself - super duper spring clean. So I am trying hard to get as much sorting out as possible done in the time. Less to clean at the very least.

  • Had a good sort out and tidy in the main bathroom, our bedroom and the study. 
  • I am 70% complete in the study now. I cant believe the difference
  • Monday - day off and visit from my best mate so we may de-clutter a bit more in the way of craft stuff ad almost certainly some wine :)
  • Kittens are doing really well with playing in the garden and then coming in when they are called. They have such fun and are so cute.
  • I hope I am not tempting fate but no more accidents from lovely girl Lorenzo (named after Lorenzo the magnificent, Lorenzo Medici, I didn't know there was a Disney cat called Lorenzo until today)
  • Ate frozen leftovers for dinner but my lovely husband bought me lunch as a treat.
  • Crochet is coming along nicely, although it is just a granny square which is growing. I am not good as starting the granny squares so I am going for one huge one, as my first attempt for 40 years.
  • I really want to attack the attic for some serious emptying out tomorrow but I need the old fella on board. Wish me luck!


  1. I wish I could kick the kittens out in to the yard. The dogs would make sure that no kittens came back though.

  2. Yes, bit of a one way trip. Mine keep coming back I am pleased to say. Plus the garden is dog proof from anyone larger than a chichuahua


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