Saturday, 10 January 2015

Saturday and spring is in the air!

Not the weather. Its warm and raining, in January. Whoever heard of such a thing. Something like 14 degrees. I am working up such a sweat on my face (nice!) as I work. Maybe its hot flushes but I am blaming the weather.

So today grocery shopping and pick up prescriptions from two different pharmacies and home to start leaning before 9. Shopping was put away before 9.30. See, still on fire.

So the cleaning is a little more than usual, not quite a spring clean but a definite post Christmas spruce up, so mirrors and window cleaning not just a quite swish round. :) And some furniture move arounds. I need a cupboard near my chair because I think I now need a lamp near me when I read or sew. Even the new glasses are not enough on their own..

And laundry of course.

There may be upholstery sewing, of a poor quality, to make the sofa covers last a while longer, if I can be brave. Also a velvet throw thing is coming apart at the seams.

Shortening jeans.

At some point we do the last bit of wardrobe cleansing which somehow we didn't remember to include. Jackets and footwear. I don't have much of either but the old fella has a ton of both.

Sort out my bedding. We don't like our new duvet cover. Some bits are shiny and its all about chasing it around the bed. I may have to be a bit creative.

And my goals. Must get back to my goals.

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  1. My sister had that same problem with a shiny duvet cover while visiting over Christmas. She kept waking up cold because it would slide off the bed.


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