Saturday, 9 May 2015

Saturday again already

How did that happen?

Today I must do housework. Really, really and no excuses.

Clean kitchen and bathrooms
Vacuum right through (yes, even the car if it stops raining long enough)
Steam clean the hard floors
Bag up rest of the kids junk for them to take home/to their room
Food shopping
Fuel shopping

and a few bits of fun stuff:

Bottle up with my lovely olive oil the 12 half bottles of oil which I am going to give away.

I also started up a hidden facebook page showing off the Greek goodies which I thought I could buy and bring home for people. I will get the Greek economy back on its feet! One tablecloth at a time.

I will add the oil photos to this once I have taken some pics.

I have worked out that even by undercutting the professional by 33% I can afford to pay my neighbour 25% more for his oil than he could get on the open market.

This is the herbalist shop near my house in CRete. Maybe Ii could bring home herbs and teas for people. We shall see

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  1. That photo reminds me of the Little House on the Prairie mercantile. A little bit of everything.


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