Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Out of excuses

I have started my medication. Jamal has finally been called. No more excuses!

Jamal flew out to Gran Canaria on Saturday, His ship was still in Casablanca so he didn't actually get aboard until Monday but he had a lovely weekend in Las Palmas, where apparently the people are really friendly and he was invited to what he called 'Ramadan night time munchies' after some of the crew had their evening prayers. He is now on his way to the Ivory Coast/ So anyway, now he is gone and  having a great time and learning lots. Oh and having lovely Indian food for every meal. He will be all fit and healthy when he comes home.

I started my medication on Friday and it was awful, no wonder it takes 3 weeks before you are on the full dosage. Today I am feeling fine though, which hopefully bodes well.

I missed my intended sign up at Slimming World as I wasn't well but my friend started and has been getting me up to speed today. Basically its not hugely different from my normal except, and now the penny drops with me, I eat too much fat. Way to much. Olive oil on my salads, full fat Greek yogurt, cheese, too fatty a meats, a little dab of butter on my steamed fish and vegetables. Oh dear. But I have made a whole load of other changes and I can make this one too.

I missed my dance class too because of my upset tummy (from the meds) but seems to be okay now so definitely next Monday. Again, cant wait. In the mean while I have been having a bit of a go on my exercise bike a few times a day. A slow start but something. And lifting my tiny little weights. The pains in my arms are going.

So its not good that I need medication but its good that I am changing my lifestyle and good that the medication seems to suit me. Maybe one day I post a photo of a skinny LIzzie on here instead of chunky Lizzie


  1. Skinny Lizzie made me think of the band Thin Lizzy which I always thought was called Tin Lizzy (I don't know why) and I looked them up and found out they are from Ireland. I can't think of what they sing but I must know some of it. Anyway, sounds like things are looking up. I hope the medication becomes easier soon.

  2. I think Thin Lizzy was a corruption of Tin Lizzie, you didnt make it up in your head :)


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