Friday, 21 August 2015

A random assortment

We have a pile of letter from the NHS for appointments, In my life I have never been treated for so much.

  • So anyway good news is that my mole wasnt cancerous (big yaay!)
  • My light treatment is now available. Three times each week for seven weeks. I have to ring up on Tuesday to set my start date.
  • I have diabetic clinic, 3 sessions but i think that 2 are educational
  • Fahed has two appointments for his knee and 2 for his eye.  I feel we are a very big drain on the NHS right now
  • I was awake at 2.30am today giving me the chance to speak to Jamal in Alabama before they head of towards somewhere in Texas ( I am trying to send him to you to help Daizy but he doesn't seem to get close enough) and the reason I was awake? One of the cats brought in a mouse and let it go in my bedroom! Sigh, whose idea was it to have cats again???
  • This Sunday we start watching old Star Wars Movies to get in the right frame of mind of Episode 7 in December. My sons were brought up on Star Wars so this is a real big deal
  • Counting down to holidays and I am really tired so I know its time
  • I have a busy weekend planned, all house and garden things. I love to see the house looking better and better, It gives me a lot of pleasure
  • This Monday I have a scuba lesson
  • Next weekend Fahed and I have a roadtrip to Peterborough to take our Crete box to the haulage company.and the Monday is a bank holiday. Better and better
This is my zebra cover, which I still havent actually sewn yet and the suitcase I had as a child. My dad just found it and it transported me back to those European train holidays as a child. Wonderdul

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