Christmas is coming, goose is getting fat

Ha ha, I have never been so on top of things. in fact surely something must go wrong!

We have a thing with presents in the family. Its a £10 per person limit, so really just a nice little something to open. It keep s the cost down but its also fun and creative to do the shopping. This year I created a wish list on Amazon and added and took away until I had exactly what I wanted, then i ordered it all in one go. My kind neighbour had most of the stuff delivered to her but I bought her a bottle of thank you wine for saving me from trudging streets for endless days. I also made sweeties and home made infusions (booze) to make it more interesting. I don't do presents with friends although my best friend and I give each other our actual possession from time to time. My house smells of cinnamon.

Not one. To me it seems pointless and we stopped a decade ago. I will do a facebook greeting and an email to non facebooky people

Fairly lights in the sitting room, chillie lights and red lantern in the kitchen, more fairly lights in the conservatory. All old, I mean I owned them already not they are antique. I have also some mugs with furry penguins and polar bears in! Not sure why but they are cute. Tomorrow we will sort out the tree.

Next;Food prep


  1. You are organized! Tomorrow I will have most of my things mailed out with just a few stray presents to gather. I still can't decide what to get my mom.

  2. First time ever. And I am 53. You have ages yet!


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