Happy days indeed

The black hair is growing on me (well, you know). When I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror then I no longer double take. I think I need some sort of makeover but not too conventional.

Plus I have a sudden, or at least growing, desire to organise something. Is that too vague? I am starting with Bollywood dance lessons at work. Maybe a little music event. Anyway I am finding the beginnings of an idea and some formats and stuff.

Also am avoiding all cookery programmes to help stop thinking about food and concentrate on my diet. So effectively avoiding TV as there is nothing else on in summer. And also minimising laptop time. So what to do. I need a hobby. I have the dancing sessions but otherwise I am getting through books voraciously. Also enjoying the garden in the few days when it stops raining. Roll on Saturday and some time at home to do garden and housy things.

Happy days indeed


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