Saturday, 7 October 2017

We do progress. Truly

I cant even remember if I told you my eldest son broke his shoulder at JuJitsu. Its been that kind of summer! But now its over and I am all about moving on from it. Its autumn and I am ready for it!

Fahed has appointments for a check up on his shoulder (seems to be going well at the moment but still cant move his arms as he needs to for work :( ), his back (very successful it appears), a pre assessment for his knee surgery (which is caused by the same problem as the back) and a bone density scan, to see why he keeps breaking. Oh my thank goodness for the NHS. I cant even imagine what it would be like without them.

So Fahed currently gets SSP (Statutory sick pay) as his company don't pay you to be ill. That will be for another 2 months.  I hope he is fit for work by then or its going to be a long hard winter.  However the freezers and larders are full and we know how to cook. The fluffy blankets are aired out for evening snuggles, so we wont be wasting too much gas. My walking and cycling to work will cut down diesel usage. It will be fine.

And look, I made pickled onions. All is right int he world! (As long as you close one eye)


  1. You will be fine. You have a great attitude and a good work ethic. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

  2. Your frugal ways and preparations are paying off, allowing you to weather the storms with calm and determination. I hope everyone continues to heal and gets back to their usual activity level soon.


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