Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Five Frugal things

Apparently this is a thing. So I am trying it for a bit of inspiration. they will be frugal but maybe not always five.

I cant remember if we talked about this already but I changed car insurance provider when the exciting insurer wanted increase my premium by about 300% when Jamal passed his test. I changed to Admiral and instead of 300% we had 50% decrease. Yay! And then they rang me and said we can do a second car cheaper and you get discount, so I added Fahed's car and saved, in total across both cars, approx 1200. Then the guy rang again and asked about house insurance. I couldn't find the paperwork so had to call them and get info. It turns out that it was being renewed that day, 1st November, so I had to leap into action a bit more than usual and get the Admiral quote. Saved me another £100. I am gobsmacked actually as I do shop around but hadnt realised multi policy discount was quite as worthwhile.

Oh yes, we bought meat from the farm instead of the supermarket and saved about £70. This will probably be more in later months as we discover some of the cheaper cuts.

I sorted out my sons tax and tax code and he got last years back and this years will adjust in the next pay period, so an extra £1000 in their pockets.

I haven't done this yet but I am almost on it. This app rounds up all debit card payments, and this is how i pay for everything except normal bills, and the balances goes into an investment account. Moneybox. Looks like it works and I will be setting it up

Not really frugal but I did help my sons girlfriend with her business plan to ramp up her podiatry business. New website is now launched here and new customers are coming thick and fast


  1. Hey frugal is frugal whether it is one or five things.

  2. It really is not that difficult, but you need to know the difference between living frugally and being a 'cheapskate', and a miser. That is not what I want to propose, because at the end of the day we need to enjoy life too. frugal living


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