Saturday, 26 May 2018

Chelsea flower show

Well very much not like us, lately, we had a fun day out. Fahed has a friend who is a stonemason and exhibits at the show. Tickets are over £100 even for the basic so not something I would go to normally. We had work passes but Caroline required very little work from us, just a bit of lifting, so we had loads of time to see everything.

Of course we took a picnic as are always keen on keeping costs a minimum ( so we can have even more fun!) but the food wasn't really tempting anyway. I should maybe have taken a bottle of wine for when we lay on the grass during the concert in the afternoon but I didn't miss it. Also i love seafood but i don't think you should be able to smell  it from outside of a seafood and champagne venue. It wasn't tempting at all.

Fahed looking lovely amongst some lovely flowers!

 Even vegetable gardens got a bit of a showing
 These are sculpted in metal and have amazing presence when you are right there with them
 My favourite. Highland cattle (well just the one) made of rusty chains. He was fantastic
 This is the monument to which Caroline carved to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the end of the 1st world war. That is being mount at the the actual hospital there after the show.


  1. I like the Highland cattle too. He looks almost fluffy. I could see a sheep dog made in the same way.

    1. It was all about the cows, and horses! No sign of a dog. There was also some good ones in metal of a head of a warthog that was kind of mounted on the wall. To me it looked like Pumba form Lion King had just run into the wall and was peaking through. I should have got one!


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