Sunday, 16 September 2018

A bit of money saving

I don't know whats up with me. I wake up even more tired than i go to bed. I cant concentrate and fun is very thin on the ground. I don't think i am being grumpy with people but it certainly isn't the best 'me' I can be.
It'll all be fine after holidays wont it? I just need a rest? oh and I have a cold. But not an awful one, so I am still doing better than the rest of the family so why so whiny!

Lets concentrate on some money saving things I have done this week and see if i cant pump up the positive today!

  1. Booked our car hire for the holiday and saved 200 euro by buying the 'excess insurance' separately. I wouldn't have known this was a possibility if it wasn't for Martin knows everything!
  2. My doctor sent me for x-rays at Winchester. Not sure how much this saved against havng to pay for x-rays if we didn't have the lovely NHS but it was quick and efficient and ill get my analysis by net Friday.
  3. Got a text from my surgery also telling me to come in for my free flu jab.
  4. Loads of tomatoes from my dad and from us too actually. We seem to have over-planted. I am making a concentrated sauce with them and onion, olive oil and garlic. Four tubs in the freezer and am expecting plenty more.
  5. Started up some rhubarb gin for Christmas with my own rhubarb
  6. Shipped a load of stuff out to Crete from here, to replace the stolen stuff. We have a lot less duplicates here now and I sorted the box sizes for the shipping to maximise what we could take for the money.
  7. Bought some fancy boots from ebay. Brand new and still have the sticker on the bottom which says £85, paid £20 and some of that was covered from sales.
  8. Jamal has decided to ask our neighbour if we can grow veg in his garden. This may sound a bit weird but Tom next door is always bemoaning having a garden and what a nuisance cutting the grass every few months is! he he. They are away in the caravan at the moment and go for a couple of months at a time. We are sort of hoping we can negotiate a patch of  his garden and in return Jamal keeps the rest of his grass short, or something. I don't know when we can ask and I don't know when he will come back but its something for the future.
Well its not a ton of things but its getting somewhere.
Happy Sunday xxx

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