Thursday, 16 April 2020

Three more weeks?

Apparently the government will announce 3 more weeks of close down today. I suspect its like plane delays where they drip feed you with information but that's all fine with me. I would rather occasionally bored (news flash: I am not!) than dead.

Yesterday I decorated the sitting room! OK, that's an exaggeration but i touched up all the paint to give it a few more years. It look lovely. Today I am hanging picture in the alcove that most needed painting. I took them all down when the guys were fitting the new boiler a few months back but now its freshly decorated and I could hang them again.  Today one of my plans is to do the same in the hall, stairs and landing area. Just touch up but refreshing. I have the same cream colour emulsion everywhere, with a few bright walls in between, so its fairly easy to keep track of the paint. Tomorrow the kitchen. Saturday any coloured areas ( minimal work there) and Sunday the bit I am avoiding, the ceiling of the sitting room.

Also today, my exercise, the period where we are allowed outside to keep fit, will be spent at the allotment planting raspberry canes, strawberry plant and maybe the beans.

Keeping busy, keeping some structure, keeping moving.


  1. That is what I am doing, taking a long walk evrey day that weather permits.

  2. I have been following your days Kim, busy busy even though you don't think so, but I cant comment any longer :(


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