Getting organised - a baby step

I am being a bit more careful with my money as part of the 'new me'. When i am shopping online, as I usually do, i can get my vouchers sorted out without any problem but when they are actually bits of paper i am less good at getting my ducks in a row. I get quite a few vouchers, tokens etc but hardly ever remember to do anything with them. My tokens are never in the right place at the right time.
I have bought myself a little wallet to keep them in. I paid £1.15 from eBay, including post of course, for a little plastic photo album. It has a dozen of so clear plastic pockets. Tomorrow these will be filled with various Nectar,Tesco and other discount/freebie tokens as well as those loyalty cars that have to be stamped when you purchase something.This should help me to keep a little more focused. I still wont be forced into buying things that I don't want but this doesn't seem to bother the supermarkets as they will still take most token regardless of whether you purchase the goods. I assume they just don't claim the money back from the supplier but I don't really know.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to sorting out the shoe situation in our house. Will the excitement never end???